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Judging from how pleasent you have been in this thread and I am sure your phone call was just as pleasent, I am very surprized that the manager did not wish to speak to you
Aeromicro did sent you an email - did that explain that your order could not be shipped and that your order was cancelled? If you were concerned about the timeframe of having the funds released, you could have hit the reply button and ask. I bet they would have told you it was in the hands of your bank and not them.

You seem so offended that a vendor will not ship internationally. That is up to the vendor. Hobby vendors work on such low profit margins and to have to constantly deal with lost international shipments (that happens often) and fraudulent credit cards from overseas banks, it is just not worth the loss of time and money. Foreign banks are not very helpful on refunding fraudulent purchases to foreign vendors.

If Aeromicro did ship internationally and your order was lost or delayed (sometimes 6-8 weeks), who's responsibility would that be? I'm sure you would be demanding a refund for not receiving your order. On the other end, Aeromicro would be insisting that it was shipped so why would they need to refund as well?
I ordered an Aerofly simulator from a german vendor on ebay about 1.5 years ago. I am still waiting for it. He shipped via airmail. My money was never refunded. Should the vendor have refunded my money? Of course I asked, he said no. I asked for proof of shipment, he could not produce it. He told me to wait and it would arrive. I waited 31 days and filed with paypal - found out that paypal doesn't do anything for claims unless filed 30 days or less from purchase. Ironically, that is when the vendor stopped returning emails. My only recourse was to leave negative feedback stating that I never received item. Who's fault was this whole thing? Mine for ordering? or the vendor for shipping?

I suggest that the next time you purchase via a website, read their policies. If you want to know about the timelines for your credit card refunds, read the aggrement you have with your bank. Try not to over-react and place blame on others for a mistake that you made.
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