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I'm having a hard time seeing what the problem here is.

The seller doesn't ship internationally (as mentioned on the front page of aeromicro's site) and now the funds are on hold but will be released, yes it's frustrating. And yes it happens, it's pretty much the price you pay for internet convience. The alternative would be a plane ticket and maybe a week off work.

Aeromicro does not have your money, it has placed a hold on it, with the intentions to take it out of your account, but it has not, and will not because the order was cancelled. Putting the hold on the charge was probably done automatically by the web software and immediately after your order. They did not do it out of spite.

So who has your money? Not you, not aeromicro, who else? Your bank and the other bank handling the transaction has the money in limbo. If you have a problem with anyone I think it lies with them.

As for a business not wanting to make money, that's a bit loaded. If aeromicro could ship to you and it would be worth it to them (ie make money off you, reasonably and conviently) I'm sure they'd do it. From their point of view, shipping internationally either cannot be done reasonably (ie they don't think it's worth ripping you off with shipping charges, and gas prices to run around town) or it's just not convient for them.

That's their choice.

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