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Originally Posted by asimmetrico View Post
Hello, greatings to everybody here. Nice huge (series) thread.
I purchased an EZstar MK1. It was in sale and come up for a nice price, so it's time to join the group of EZ flyers.
I want to equip it for FPV so I have a couple of questions before starting building it. I've read a lot of posts, very helpful but at least a couple of answers were unanswered.

1- First the motor. There is a little clearance for the prop and I have understood that the max usable (without cutting a slot) is a 6". I have several motors to use, including a Suppo like 2212-06 2200Kv, an EMAX 2212 1600Kv and others with lower Kv. My doubt is that the Suppo is by far too powerful and mabe the 2212 fits better. The real doubt is that with a so little propo the efficiency will be low. What would be the max flying time with a 3s 2200mAh? Is it there a better solution?

2- I've read that many people use to cut the two sections below the wing to have more sace to fit things. Do this weakens the fuselage? I think yes and will be less crash resistant. Your experience?

I'm thinking of not gluing the fuselage for the first flights until I'll have a better idea of the best config and weight distribution. At first I'd like to mount it using some fibre tape. It should be strong enough to keep the fuse on even it will add some weight. Correct?

Thanks for your support.

I'm using my EasyStar for FPV as well. There's a great thread about the FPV EasyStar at here. If you're going to use an outrunner, I highly recommend buying this motor mount. It's extremely well-made and very affordable. It allows you to use lower kV motors to run bigger props, which helps achieve longer flight times due to the lower amps. I have a 7x5 prop on my motor (the kV is escaping me at the moment) with room for an 8" should the need arise. I'm getting 15 minutes out of a 2600 mAh battery and that's also powering the camera too.
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