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Thanks for taking the time to answer. See clarification below.

Originally Posted by alros_100 View Post

1) If by vertical plane you mean having the guardian board pointing straight up? I would say no ... The guardian needs to be "level" in /on the model with the front of the board pointing towards the front (direction of travel). The board needs to be as flat / level as possible in the pitch and roll axis of the model. Minor errors in mounting can be corrected for by using menu items to reset level

I meant front of the board to nose of model; but width of board in rotated 90deg. I wondered whether the guardian could accept the board could accept yaw & pitch axis being exchanged.

2) not sure i can answer that since with the model pointing straight up all the control surfaces will be deflecting trying to bring plane back to level. Switching rates should not have an effect - but i have never tested that.

Actually I meant wingtip straight up, nose horizontal. I was predicting that rate switch would make no effect as I see it as a feedback loop, however previous answers were unclear

3) if transmitter connection is lost , what happens depends on how your receiver functions during a fail safe. For example if your receiver maintains last good stick position, then the plane will follow that depending on whether you were in 2d mode vs 3d mode. You can imagine multiple possibilities. For example if you were flying level and in 2d mode, the plane will continue to fly level until the battery dies etc.

If your receiver allows preseting each channel, then you can determine exactly what will happen by setting up fail safe to a stabilization mode (2d for example), and maybe a gentle bank - it will be up to you to experiment. But there is no return to home or anything lke that.

If the receiver does something funky on failsafe then anything can happen i suppose.


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