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The looked and sounded great Luke!!!
I am hoping/expecting that mine will sound pretty much like that too. (CS12)

I have my F-100 power system almost all sorted and ready to go.
I tested a Turnigy XK3674-1400kv in a cut down housing CS12. Cut down to almost fit right into the stock F-100 fan mouldings. I just had to 'dremel drum sand' an extra 6mm rearwards in the fuselage. I don't intend to use a thrust tube, but I guess I will end up making one at some stage to see what it changes.

With 6S 4000mAH 30C (which is just for testing and I expect I will run 2x 6S 3000mAH 25C in parallel) it gave 3.2Kg initial thrust and settles around 2.8Kg ongoing. This is at 98 Amps and I really want it to use less, so I am hoping that balancing it properly, plus testing different Timing settings, might get it down 10Amps (or whatever).
100Amp area is not much fun really, it is a LOT and the wiring and connectors all get warm - so having lower Amps has to be better. I might need to change to larger connectors etc! 10AWG and 4mm's now, but prob move to XT150's if need be.
The dual battery setup should maintain better ongoing current, thus hopefully closer to 3.0Kg thrust ongoing. RPM is about 30,000 to 31,000 in the CS12.
I also have the XK4074-1400 which would probably drive it stronger, but might use more power too. (though it could use less too - but it weighs more)

All up flying weight so far (loading all items onto a scale) is right on 3.0Kg. But with bits and pieces to go, I am expecting 3.2Kg or 3.3Kg really.

What a LONG project!!! I have just been doing bits here and there and the weeks just roll on by.
But most likely it will be delayed a bit from tomorrow for a little while, as my Freewing Su-35 should arrive and I want to get that into the air right away! (within a week anyway - and it should be very easy to get ready).
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