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Hi Daniel,

I built a Hybrid DLG and used pull-pull on it. If you do go pull-pull you're going to need a better rudder servo (you should think of using better fuselage servos anyway). The way I set up my p-p was to run the string (50 lb braided Spectra fishing line) through the servo arms and then warped it around the servo arm screw and tightened. This setup lasted for years and never needed any adjustment but you'll need a beefier servo to make it work. I used JR 241s in the fuse of my Hybrid and I forget what was in the wings.

For my flaperons I think I used regular aileron hinge tape. It was a bit stiff and heavy but it never split. I think Scotch tape is too weak for this model. Cut out the flaperons so you can hinge them at the bottom. You'll need that to get enough flap for landing and still have plenty of up aileron. The ailerons will warp but a little heat from a heat gun and some twisting will keep them straight.

The pod on that plane is a bit weak so when you cut the hole in the wing saddle area, to run your flaperon wires, keep it small. I got cracking around the hole I cut in the wing saddle and had to reinforce the area with carbon fiber. Not pretty but strong.

Don't use too much water based acrylic on the wings. You'll be tempted but don't do it. Just a couple of LIGHT MIST coats with light sanding in between. You're just trying to make the wing a little water resistant, not submersible to 100 feet. If the wing looks like a piece of fine furniture you've gone too far. If you start thinking, I'll just do one more coat, STOP.

Do a search on the Hand Launched forum for the AH Hybrid. There is a lot of info on this plane.

Mine came out to be 13 ounces. If you can build one at 10 ounces I'll come to your house and shake your hand!

Have fun,

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