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Well, I couldn't get the rx to quit on the table, even with some throttle, multiple surfaces moving and weighing ailerons down with washers and my hand. I went ahead and swapped out for a genuine ar2000 with sat. Close friend thinks it was signal fade, but I also dialed back all the servos 5 degrees each direction. Hoping if it's voltage, limiting the throw will put less draw on the esc. It was only freezing up when holding a surface for an extended time so I don't think it's the direction change spike in voltage.

. I'll bring my temp gauge Sunday and check the esc temp too. It's under the cowl hanging from the motor box and I can't get to it with the fingers. Plenty of cooling though, it's in a direct line with the bottom hole on the slick cowl.

We have a small Bermuda triangle at the club. It eats airplanes all the time, it claimed the yak and where the slick started ignoring inputs. Seen it eat 3 or 4 other planes personally over the past 6 months, and I've heard of more. Usually a signal problem. Only been a member 8 months, but the long timers are definetly superstitious about that spot. I plan on avoiding it Sunday
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