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FPVDM - FPV Dream Machine (Tricopter) by MyRcBuild

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I am ridiculous... How my wife hasnt killed me by now I do not know.

I have been buying RC explorer type Tricopter Frames from Louis (flyhigh300) at for some time now. I really like the quality of his g10 kits. A few months back he mentioned possibly building a Purpose built FPV tricopter and my eyes light up. After a little back and forth he cut me a kit to demo.

Here are some things on this kit that I find very unique.

1. TONS OF ROOM FOR EVERYTHING!!!! A true FPV rig needs lots of room and this birds got it.

2. The bottom plate where the FC and Cam is mounted is soft mounted to the top frame using 4 pieces of soft foam. THIS IS JUST TO COOL!!!! I have a picture of it below, you can tighten it or loosen it, however you prefer. This should help tremendously with vibrations.

3. Built in cam mount / cage w/ full tilt ability. Also pictured below the cam cage is very nice. It fits my RMRC 540 cam with ease. The night lens was a little to big for the barrel but that's no big deal, I just took the barrel part off the cage. I am sure Louis will adjust this though so those of you with night lenses don't you fret

4. The arms are not connected to the top and body panels they are only connected to the top plate which should help protect the frame. This way the g10 wont crack from pressure, worst comes to worse you just loose an arm.

5. STRONG STRONG STRONG STRONG tail control assembly. I mean this thing is bulletproof.

6. The arms are swept further back making it more "T" shaped.

I will be using:

RMRC 540 cam w/ night lense
RMRC 500mw VTX
Hobby King easy OSD
Inverted Vee Antenna
Dragon Link

OP Copter Control
Turnigy Plush 18a ESCs
Dragon Link
2200-4000 3s lipo
9x5 props (currently I have 10x4.7 till they come in.
Lost Model Alarm
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