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Originally Posted by andreas77 View Post
Hey, now it works!

This is what I did:
- Set baudrate to 9600 and tested with my flytron GPS which worked fine (as expected).
- Switched back to 4800 baud and connected the EM-411 GPS and now it works!

I know it doesn't make any sense but somehow that seems to have fixed it.
Great you made it work. That "fix" shouldn't make any difference, but who cares as long as you made it work
And by the way, great to see the GPS-output, makes it a lot easier to see what's going on

Originally Posted by nils1982ks View Post

I guess this number is also the direction, to which a directional antenna should be steered to get the best signal. I wonder, if it would be possible to send this number and maybe also the angel according to the hight difference of model and pilot over the dark lines that are used for teletext? Shouldn't this just be equal to the creation of the signal for showing the text? If so, one could very simple decode the information on the ground and use it for tracking. This might be much smarter than an additional audio modem.

Cheers Nils
As far as I know, it should be more stable to use the audio for downlink (than teletext). Teletext could be an option, but it's a bit more difficult to read on the ground, and I would like to keep it simple.

I started to write the code for downlink, but never implemented it, as I got annoyed with the audio-performance by my Lawmate video-tx. A working test-sketch for audio-telemetry can be found a couple of posts ago. You should more or less be able to use it directly, but I would recommend some check-sum etc.
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