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Hi Sculptor,

Q (quick) and S (slow) on the right top switch is the "dual rate" switch.

As the names implies, this switch makes the heli react slowly or quickly to your stick input. What it does is shortens or inhibits the elevator (forward / backward movements) and aileron (bank or slide left / right movements) servo arm movements that act upon the swashplate to make the blades push air in one direction or another or a combination of different directions, at the same time allowing the helicopter to stay aloft.

With a raw beginner, they usually yank away on the sticks, which, if it is left in quick mode, will end in a crash soon thereafter, because they haven't learnt the fine art of small subtle stick movements yet, so when it is set on slow, you'll need a big yank on the sticks to make the heli do anything remotely useful. Usually it is meant for learning how to hover and for slow well controlled flights to get used to the way it flies.

On quick however, the servo arm has it's full range of movement, so the heli responds quicker and more precisely to stick input. In conjunction with throttle input, the heli can full flight forwards (FFF) or get up to it's top forwards speed, and it can do high speed banked turns, spin on a spot or pull up on a dime.

The switch can be changed during flight if one wants to, so your friend could have moved it to quick and attempted to fly your 9116 back.

The key with any RC helicopter, or aircraft for that matter, is small, precise stick movements. It's like I was told during my advanced motorcycle rider training "anyone can go fast on a motorbike, just twist the throttle and hang on, but the true skill is in riding slowly, the slower you ride, the more a rider relies on their experience and skill". I think this also applies to flying RC aircraft. If you make big stick movements, so will the aircraft make big movements.

J_skaggs had it in a nutshell, "S is basically a beginner mode. On Q the heli responds faster and takes more skill to control.

I'm sorry to hear of your woes with both aircraft, "been there, done that, I've even got the bills to prove it", but unfortunately, this won't be the last time you'll have to repair it, so get use to it.

Above all else, in this hobby, you'll need lots of patience, diagnostic skills, dedication and lots of money.
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