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Well I'm totally confused after reading all this. I live in the U.S.. I'm a private pilot and also have a light sport repairman inspection authorization. From what I have read here, it sounds like it is basically illegal in the U.S. to fly anything of any weight while using FPV goggles because that would make it a UAV.
I guess the good news is that the FAA is broke and has serious problems. I know when the Light Sport Rule was first passed, a lot of people with unregistered ultralights were worried the FAA was going to raid small airports and take the planes. That didn't happen, and I'm even seeing people advertising overweight unregistered ultralights for sale. Bottom line, like everything in aviation in the U.S., the FAA wants to get into your wallet.
Hopefully the worst that will happen is the FAA will try to regulate UAV,FPV. Which will be a good thing, because some of the videos on youtube show people doing really stupid things with FPV over populated areas. Then we will have some definition as to what exactly constitutes an UAV.
If some sort of license is eventually offered, I will be first in line....with my wallet out.
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