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Originally Posted by tomleach View Post
Steve, did you put the white streamers on the fence down by the gate on Monday? I didn't remember them being there in the morning but they were there in the evening when I came back.
Did you hike your glider all the way up to the east hill? Dang, that's a good hike. I've gone up to the west hill top from the normal RC flying area and thought I was going to need an med-evac outta there
Well, glad you made it back OK.
Yes-- the streamers will come and go-- I prefer not to leave them up in general as they eventually shred and leave microlitter scraps downwind-- it was actually blowing from the north though, lightly, when I put them up in the morning (probably just a thermal)-- on most of the days we fly Petersons the wind direction is obvious but you never know--

No, no hiking of gliders for me (except for RC gliders!) -- you can see the road in the rear-looking launch camera video and at times in the other videos too.. but I have hiked the whole length of that road once from the valley floor to the top to retrieve a vehicle....
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