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view from that hang glider Monday

Originally Posted by tomleach View Post
Hey Steve, when I went back on Monday evening (around 5) there was a lone hang glider above the East tower and he then flew off towards the S maybe SSE. He never came back and there was no vehicle at PB so I figured that he launched from some other site. Any idea where? Was a bit worried for a while that he was going to land out in the fields south of PB but he didn't seem to be loosing much altitude and after a while I lost sight of him.
Sorry I missed everyone, sounds like early/mid afternoon was the time to go.
That was me Tom-- I launched from the top by the towers (east summit) about 3:25 and landed about 5:20-- 2 other pilots launched 10-20 minutes before me and sunk out, too light-- I couldn't quite maintain in the ridge lift at first but there were good thermals that got me up nice and high-- then the thermals died out as the wind got stronger and the overcast got thicker--

The landowner (not the Wheelers) charges an access fee for use of the road up, it's a steep 4WD road, not great for RC because not great landing options

When I fly there I usually have a car down by the landowner's farmyard and so I don't land in the usual places

It was a surprise to be able to go so far south, the lift extended quite a ways in front of the hill. Also a surprise to find such very light (5 mph) wind down in the landing field-- I was expecting some shear turbulence as a result but it wasn't too bad...

Here are some videos:

Launching, rear view:
Peterson Butte top launch 3-26-12 rear view (1 min 23 sec)

Launching, forward view:
Peterson Butte top launch 3-26-12 forward view (2 min 7 sec)

Thermal climb early in flight:
Thermal climb after launching from Peterson Butte top launch 3-26-12 forward view (3 min 31 sec)

Glide out to landing:
Peterson Butte glide out to landing after 2-hour flight, 3-26-12, forward view (5 min 29 sec)

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