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After flying it first hand I can say I am glad to know I do not have to depend one finding a good pilot to teach me to fly, cause with this device everyone could look like hey knew what they were doing. Hovering is so easy. pull back on elevator and let go of the sticks, if the plane needs right rudder up elevator, left aileron the plane automatically inputs it w/o you touching anything. I guess I need to refresh my editing skills and try to get a video of the tx and the plane together and post up on here.
as long as the plane has the power it will hold the hover in 3D mode. I slowed the power down and the plane looked like someone who didn't know how to hover at all give more power back into the plane and back in a stable hover it went.

Knife edge flight roll the plane the way you want give the rudder input then let go of the sticks it keep going KE as long as you want to unless you lower the throttle then the nose will fall of course
Did elevator and the wings did not rock at all. Honest been to long to remember how much rock this plane had but I know it had some.

2D mode it doesn't let you do anything by mistake be great on a trainer or any plane for someone new to flying

Can't wait to fly it some more I was in a hurry today busy moving into my new place but be plenty of days to get more flights in on it.
Not that I need a guardian cause I am a really experienced 3D pilot i am looking forward to more of promoting the product for new pilots then anything else just amazing how well it works.

Need to make it compatible with helicopters
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