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ya i was thinking there should be plenty of power from the ZTW, I have a cap too but haven't used it in flight. When i tried the cap on the bench, i just let it sit there for a while and then removed power to see how long it would keep juice flowing into the RX. Didn't give it more than a few milliseconds. But still, it did keep the light illuminated a brief moment longer than without the cap.

I'm going to try a torque stress test tonight and weigh down the servos some and see if i can get it to freeze up, if it does i'll add the cap and see if that helps.

I have a UBEC on my quad i can move over and test also. Its switchable to 6v. At the time i ordered the 70A ZTW i didn't realize that it only delivered 5.5v, its not adjustable to 6v. So i'll run these tests tonight and report back. The guys on the HK forums have been helpful but most have been telling me to just put higher torque servos in the slick, or test it with an Oscilloscope which i don't have access to at this time. Wondering if i use some alligator clips from my multi meter to a striped servo tap will show me a brief voltage drop when putting some extra pressure on the servos.

My setup seems to be fairly common from reading the forums here so i still think its a voltage problem with the Orange and not the ESC. The other oranges i have work great, even flying one in my crazy 3DHS Velox VR1 has been A-ok, and a variety of other planes like the Extra 300 and Super Sportster. The Slick is my biggest 3D bird at 51", the other oranges i run at this time are in my Foam yak, Graupner Pedro Sailplane, my custom quad and a T-Rex 450 sport.

All this said, i'm picking up a AR6200 from a buddy who has switched to DSMX. i'll stick in it saturday and see how she flys. I bet it works perfectly, he has had a slick with the exact same setup and the only difference is the RX and his hacker was the V1 of the A30-12XL, mine is the V2.
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