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Originally Posted by MyPonyRocks View Post
I never questioned you owning both, I stated that you took the time to tell us why you love one product but failed to fully expand on the subject. Surely there is something you like about Phoenix or you would have sold it (unless like some you're hoping one day it will have user models and other highly demanded features that it does lack). I did word my post a bit harshly though, and I appologize for that.

I was just hoping for an objective approach to both sims as they both have pros and cons and who better to hear that from in a thread where some one is asking about both... than a person who does in fact own both.
Apology accepted.

I continue to own Phoenix, in part because I knew that V4 was coming up and I wanted to check it out, and in part because I just haven't gotten around to getting rid of it.

Phoenix happened to get a lot of things wrong that are important to me (like the way 3d foam planes fly [and yes I have tried editing them]), and Realflight happened to get a lot of things right (like user created content - I am making my own models [including creating the physics]).

My view is that if money is no object, then Realflight is the better product for most people, unless they fly Helicopters 3d (in which case, I'm not a good judge of which is currently better), or they primarily fly Horizon Hobby products.

If they do fly primarily Horizon Hobby products, and assuming Phoenix starts putting out frequent aircraft updates again, then it is nice to have access to new planes, probably before someone gets around to modeling them in Realflight.

At the end of the day, some people like Ford, and some like Chevy. It is quite possible there are people who fly 3d Foam airplanes who think Phoenix is even better at that. I think their wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if that person exists.
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