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Originally Posted by Madratter View Post
I do own both regardless of what MyPonyRocks thinks. *EDITED THE MIDDLE BIT OUT*
Personally, I much prefer RF6. I have flown Phoenix only a couple of hours at most since I bought RF6 and that was mainly to try out the V4 beta (which I personally find pretty underwhelming).
I never questioned you owning both, I stated that you took the time to tell us why you love one product but failed to fully expand on the subject. Surely there is something you like about Phoenix or you would have sold it (unless like some you're hoping one day it will have user models and other highly demanded features that it does lack). I did word my post a bit harshly though, and I appologize for that.

I was just hoping for an objective approach to both sims as they both have pros and cons and who better to hear that from in a thread where some one is asking about both... than a person who does in fact own both.

Originally Posted by jeffpn View Post
It's still personal preference. People can list "pros" and "cons" til the cows come home. Doesn't mean everyone agrees. And they don't.
No but I know that if multiple people who owned both products looked at them in a similar way that I could likely judge their reasonings as accurate. I know that I could also take a single persons comparison and attempt to see what sort of planes they fly and make an educated guess which product would be right for me, especially if that person flew similar aircraft to me. Ultimately though you're correct, opinions have a saying for a reason
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