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Brand New HK OrangeRX brown out/signal fade

I see this question gets brought up from time to time. it would appear on occasion there are some bad factory runs. I have 8 orangeRX 6ch receivers now. No problems flying them in 48-51" planes. I ordered a few more last month to fill out some weight and installed the 2 new receivers in my new 51" 3dhs slick and new 3dhs Yak.

We'll the yak is no longer alive. Coming out of a knife edge spin i lost all surface control about 12 feet from the dirt. RIP. Checked the Receiver, light was solid! strange, didn't think it was the RX and maybe some other electro failure. Been flying the other new receiver in the slick now for about 3 weeks with no trouble. I adjusted my surfaces on high rate on the slick last weekend to get 35 degrees out of the ailerons. then the trouble started. I was getting intermittent signal loss in high g scenarios and holding full throw.

Doing Aileron rolls on high rates created a repeatable issue, it would roll rapidly like the fantastic slick does for about 5 turns, then it would loose signal, 1 1/2 seconds later, it wold start the roll again. I could hold this and let it signal loss about 4 times before i decide to stop and land. On landing, i lost signal again right after the gear touched. Check the receiver, no blinking! checked all the wiring for loose connections, everything is fine. New battery, no rolls but tried some harriers and tumbles. Same issues... on full throw holding the elevator in a harrier, got a signal loss again.... doing tumbles, signal loss!!

the light is never blinking after landing, so i'm wondering if HK had a bad factory run. I'm starting to think the death of the yak was related to the RX. going to swap the RX out for a genuine AR6200 and see if the slick still has issues. running a A30-12XL, 70A ZTW ESC with all HS85MG servos. wondering if i have a voltage drop when pushing those servos to max throw. Anyone else have the non blinking signal loss issue lately with the Oranges? Just a bit paranoid now and thinking about removing all OrangeRX from my models. I've been flying them for 8 months with no issues up to this month. The older Oranges still seem fine. Just problems with the 2 newest RX's.

Let me know your guys thoughts. Thanks!
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