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Originally Posted by socommk23 View Post
lmy 6 channel reciever in my stryker works fine to over 3500ft without the satelite plugged in.

so why the problems with the 8?
It's not a "problem" it's a deliberate design feature to make sure you use the satellite receiver. Without it, you lose signal diversity and the receiver becomes more prone to signal loss due to blocking. This is not primarily an issue of absolute range but of reliability, so your experience of long range operation without the satellite doesn't change things.

The reason Spektrum does this is obvious and sensible. The AR8000 is their flagship receiver and must be as reliable as possible for use in all types of models. Operating it without the satellite would reduce it to the level of a "park flyer" receiver and lead to improper use and failures that tarnish its reputation.

If you want a compact "full range" receiver, use the AR600, as Freechip says. It achieves the necessary diversity through use of two well separated antennas.
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