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I've been away from FPV for a while, but now I have taken it up again and I'm amazed to see how this project has progressed, very nice work Dennis!

That said, I'm having some trouble getting the EM-411 GPS to work with the latest code release (0.18). The OSD gets stuck at the initial screen searching for satellites even though the GPS seems to have a lock (led blinking). OSD shows zero satellites found all the time. I'm going to have a closer look at the code tonight, but I thought I ask anyway if you have any good hints of were to start looking.

Here is dump of the first few NMEA-strings the EM-411 sends after power-up if it helps:
$PSRFTXT,Version:GSW3.5.0_3.5.00.00-SDK-3EP2.01 *46
$PSRFTXT,WAAS Disable*13
$PSRFTXT,TOW: 383162*18
$PSRFTXT,WK: 1681*6B
$PSRFTXT,POS: 3114791 892802 5475428*19
$PSRFTXT,CLK: 95295*2F
$PSRFTXT,Baud rate: 4800*65
$GPGGA,103203.533,5933.1519,N,01559.6400,E,1,05,5. 5,85.7,M,28.2,M,,0000*67
$GPRMC,103203.533,A,5933.1519,N,01559.6400,E,0.00, ,290312,,,A*77
$GPGGA,103203.825,5933.1568,N,01559.6783,E,1,05,5. 5,49.5,M,28.2,M,,0000*61
$GPRMC,103203.825,A,5933.1568,N,01559.6783,E,0.38, 260.77,290312,,,A*62
$GPGGA,103204.000,5933.1408,N,01559.6718,E,1,06,1. 2,15.7,M,28.2,M,,0000*67
$GPRMC,103204.000,A,5933.1408,N,01559.6718,E,0.25, 241.86,290312,,,A*6E
$GPGGA,103205.000,5933.1452,N,01559.6592,E,1,06,1. 2,29.3,M,28.2,M,,0000*62
$GPRMC,103205.000,A,5933.1452,N,01559.6592,E,0.06, 72.28,290312,,,A*57
$GPGGA,103206.000,5933.1451,N,01559.6520,E,1,06,1. 2,36.0,M,28.2,M,,0000*66
$GPGSV,3,1,12,13,72,216,37,23,68,092,37,10,50,280, 39,04,47,250,29*71
I would appreciate your input on this.

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