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Hi Mike,

I sent a "request" to HobbyKing regarding this order. After being told by relevant shipping companies that they had the consignment number but never saw the parcel the darned thing turned up. Stuck on the box was an invoice listing Hong Kong as the pick up point and It then got handed to AEE with the correct consignment number. This means that Singapore post weren't involved in any way. The tracking number on the box doesn't match the one HK gave me but on tracking the number they did give me it showed Singapore post as the carrier.
Has anyone ever heard of Quantum Solutions? This parcel never came from HK according to the invoice, it came from Quantum Solutions, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Does HK pluck these tracking numbers out of the sky? Simply making them up? Does their weighing machine need a decent overhaul as I paid for 2.5 kg according to HK and yet the weight showing on the box and it's actual weight is 2.1 kg.

Honestly, this entire purchase has been a complete stuff-up from start to finish. I've been given bogus shipping numbers, stories of my parcel being under investigation due to being lost, no reference of HK on the box, in fact no parcel from HK has ever mentioned HK or indeed any payment made to them has mentioned HK.

Oh yes, the box containing 30 different items was marked as containing a charger. Just as well Customs never opened it.

Finally, HK sent me an email telling me the parcel was posted 13/03/2012 it was actually sent 20/03/2012.

After all this misleading, false and confusing saga, I wrote to HK to apologize for the "request" I sent asking if they actually knew what they were doing and for treating their customers as fools. Plus threatening to seek Paypal's help. Why, I have another order sitting there for 5 days and still not packed. I couldn't take another HK balls-up.
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