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Originally Posted by PDX Slope Pilot View Post
Hi Tom,

Sorry I missed you. I left at about 4:30, so must have just missed you. I'm glad I waited a little later to head up based on your report. When I arrived there was a hang glider in the air way up on the top shelf. He stayed up there the entire time and was having no problem venturing way out over the valley. A few jelly's were there when I arrived but they got blown back and decided to pack it up.

Yeah it was great Monday. Beautiful cumulus clouds in the AM but dead winds on launch, a couple of electric RC sailplanes probed the lift and found some nice thermals, clearly the air was very unstable. By the time I got up to the top launch (east summit, by the tall towers) with 2 other hang glider pilots, a high overcast had come in, my friends launched first and sunk out. When I launched it was still not quite ridge-soarable but enough to minimize the sink rate and find some nice thermals despite the overcast-- in fact the thermals were punchy enough that I didn't want to work too close to the terrain / towers. It was funny looking at eye level at the guy working about halfway up the tower. The best climb involved a 1500' gain to 3100' above sea level or about 1500' above launch level. As the day went on the wind slowly increased till it became no-brainer ridge soarable, but the thermals died off. I watched the paragliders and was hoping they weren't going to end up in the trees.... Was surprise that there was still almost no wind in the field in front of the east summit when I landed, it may be sort of sheltered by those hills way to the south (north of Brownsville) when the winds are straight southerly, and the overcast limits thermal mixing-- but NOAA radio was saying gusts to 27 in Eugene so I figured landing might be prudent....

I have some videos of the flight that I'll post later...
I did observe at least one RC glider in the air while I was flying....

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