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Hi wannabe.

1) It is best to get it after the e-logger. This way, you monitor the total mah consumed. If you took the BEC power before the e-logger, it would work fine, but the mah consumed value displayed would not include the mah consumed by the BEC.
2) I *think* it is being powered by the e-logger, and the servo connections act as back-up power.
3) If it is a V4 e-logger 4S should be OK. You do not need the extra throttle in connection for power, since you have connected other servo wires already to the e-logger.
4 and 5) Having a common ground between the two batteries is the best practice, and maybe necessary to avoid video/audio level issues. Just connect the two grounds together.

Extra note: remove the ground wire that goes from your ESC to the OSD. I had it connected too, untill one day the motor current decided that it should follow this route to return to the battery. The wire melted within seconds, but luckily no other component was damaged since this happend during pre-flight test and I shut the throttle immediately. It is safer to have only the signal wire connected.

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