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So I'M meant to be in control?
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Originally Posted by CPMBOY View Post
yup..its big alright...I bought it to cater for future upgrades like motor and batt. Ok..the settings are:
1. brake type: Off/soft/hard
2. timming mode: low/mid/hi
3. cut off mode: soft cut/cut off
4. start mode: fast/soft/very soft
5. gov mode: OFF/gov-low/gov-hi
6. Li-XX cells: auto/2 cells/3cells/XX cells
7. cut off voltage: low/mid/hi
I'll have a stab at an incomplete answer (relating to my EZ*):

Brake - depends upon how you want it to operate. I like to have the brake on so that it doesnt start whizzing in a power off dive.
Timing - I'll let others answer that! I think I just set mine to 'med' on the logic that it will only be a max of one step out..
Cut off - soft means that as battery voltage runs down, less is sent to motor but full 5V is still sent to radio gear. The effect is that the moggle gets more and more asthmatic. Hard means that when the LVC is hit, the motor cuts dead until you shut the throttle and open it again. I prefer the latter as it was what I was used to 15yrs ago.
Start mode - depends upon how you want it to operate. I prefer instant response so I've set mine to fast; I think that slow & very slow are more suitable to flying airbeating eggwhisks (heeliochoppers I think they call them).
Gov mode - not sure my HobbyWing Guard has that feature....
Li-XXX cells - I'd suggest reading what is on the side of your battery!
Cut off voltage - Aaaaah! The one that starts heated debates!! I'd suggest setting it at the highest option, but you may well still find that you finish the flight with less than the recommended 20% charge remaining. The knowledgable officianados correctly state that the best way to consistently remain above the 20% 'danger area' is by always timing your flights. Personally, I come down before or as soon as the motor cuts first time (another reason for the hard cut off mode)...but then I'm sure my Lipos won't last as long as other people's.....

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