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Originally Posted by falcon5 View Post
Interesting. Well I could use my dremel to cut the slot to add a rib. I do plan to balance the stabs. The Hitec 7955's should be here tomorrow. Titanium gear 250 oz. tourqe one for each stab so I hope that will handle the load.

For the rib you mean to put that right at the 90 degree bend?? so the steel rod cant break out of the stab??
yes thats what i would do ,sort of like the above pic that was posted ..,i just looked at a F-4 sitting over here and they have a big triangled shaped 1/4" thick doubler on the stab right where the axle ends ,you were smart to bend the wire and bend it toward the LE .i would have done the same . the 2 ribs set up will keep the axle from breaking out of the stab.the glass on the stab will keep it from twisting and breaking .thats why i said way back to lay the glass 90 degrees and at 45 degrees ,the one layer 90 make it strong lengthwise,and the 45 cloth keeps the stab from twisting ,also putting the axle at the scale location was right to do also.c/n and i have done f-5,f-20 's so we know that works.i had my F-20's stabs balanced and we were pushing 140 -145 with no proplem and i just had hitec 65HB's on the stabs.granted it is way smaller but it sounds like you got a good strong servo far into the stab is the wire before the bend?
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