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Flight Controller setup section

--- 31-01-2014 --- Update ---

BrandXPD had done a lot of tests on VTail platforms and i thanks him a LOT.
Here are his files and Prop rotation Pinouts..



--- 16-07-2013 --- Update ---

Hi All,
I have a request for me to put the manual that my friend did up here.
So here it is now.

--- 22-02-2013 --- Update ---

Ok it's quite confusing now with all the different configurations you can choose for VTail.

Here is the revised drawing that show different configuration on MultiWii

---- Yaw motor pins reversed ---

tech69x - Advice on KK board

With this mix you can't go wrong with the kk
V tale
Mine is finally up and running with the kk2... just some minor tweaking now...had to change some very random things to get a good mix....

again my setup is a kk2 with 750 kv motors 10x4.7 props, and 3 cell battery on the 400 frame...hovers around 55% throttle...this may save some people some trouble if they have a similar setup..

So initial changes... flip all prop/motors directions to (from looking over head) M1 front left is CCW, M2 front right is CW, M3 rear left is CW, and M4 rear right is CCW.

set the kk2 to VTail.. calibrate your sensors... and start with the mixer settings


Throttle: 100
Aileron: -100
Elevator: 100
Rudder: -40
Offset: 0


Throttle: 100
Aileron: 100
Elevator: 100
Rudder: 40
Offset: 0


Throttle: 95
Aileron: 0
Elevator: -100
Rudder: 100
Offset: 0


Throttle: 95
Aileron: 0
Elevator: -100
Rudder: -100
Offset: 0

Now some rough PI values (mainly just a starting point)


P gain:55
P limit:90
I gain:30
I limit:20


P gain:30
P limit:90
I gain:30
I limit:20


P gain:40
P limit:20
I gain:20
I limit:20

Hope this can help anyone else out there. Any suggestions or errors seen from any of the experiences users?
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