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Originally Posted by rcbif View Post

I'm looking to go 2.4ghz with my tricopter, supercub, and glider. I dont have tons of planes, and I'm looking to fly not much greater than LOS or 1/2 mile (whatever is greater). My tricopter is set-up for fpv, but I dont plan going miles with it. Ideally atleast 6ch and with a programmable throttle curve.

I am currently debating getting a radio that will accept the frsky module, like a hitec optic 6, or futaba 9c, or going all out and buying a Hitec Aurora 9. I'm sure the A9 would be the last radio I ever need, but receivers are also expensive for it, and I'm not sure if I would use it to it's full potential.
My considerations

- Programmable FM + FRsky DIY module
- Futaba 7c Fasst stock (would this give me the range I want)?
- Hitec optic, or Futaba 9c with frsky module
- All out and buy Hitec Aurora 9

Would a 100$ radio with Frsky module get me the same range/reliability as a Hitec Aurora?

Thanks for any help/suggestions
You really ought to (if possible) get your hands on these and try them (from a feel perspective). Some people like their transmitters as certain way. Also, make sure they support they control functions you need for the copters and fpv control (movable camera?).

I went the other way, I went with form and function vs $ but that is just me.

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