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Scorp, the turn fin. I am going to start that bit of work soon. I am still working on my motor mounting issue but may have come up with something during my long drive to work..

As for the turn fin. I cant get my hand in there to get the wood/ply "plate" inside the sponson. I was going to get one of the kids to do it... I will probaby just use a long thin peice of wood to reach inside and mount it. Then i can drill the holes outside for the turn fin mount.

Going to order batteries later this week. I know "we" want 9s 2p..but does it have to be a 6 3cells? Can it be like a 2 5cells and 2 4cells? Isnt the object to get 36.3v with 10,000mah? When i talk to my flying buddies at the field they always give me a hard time about the 6 3cell setup. Im sure you have heard it before but with planes..its about being able to use your batteries for other applications; i.e. planes... So they always give me a hard time saying i wont be able to use 3 cell 5000's in anything but the boat...

So in other words do we have to use the 6 3cell it a weight thing?
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