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Yes, I understand netto and relative netto as I flew full-scale cross-country and racing for a number of years. My thinking is that it would take a great deal of work to accurately determine the glider's polar to take advantage of such features. You first need very accurate airspeed and lots of patience to measure the polar.

I like the idea of having a speed director (push/pull indicator) but I think setting up the gadgets to do that is too much effort for most pilots. Some of the better pilots set the MacCready setting at "1" (conservative) and then use their experience, seat-of-the-pants feel and that thing between their ears to estimate the lift strength ahead and thus how fast to fly. Optimal? No. Practical and flexible? Absolutely.

Again, my feeling after doing some research and having flown with "the other two" varios is that Wolgang Schreiner (wstech) has set the bar high for other variometer manufacturers. Total-energy compensation, for example, is a tough nut to crack and that was the most important feature for me.

Best of luck in your efforts and I truly hope you can make this kind of technology easily accessible to the average pilot,


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Thanks for the post and great that you are happy with the wstech.
With that vario you have the tool to observe the flying conditions and to make decisions during thermal flying.


Question, do you understand the Netto and Relative Netto Variometer and Mc Cready? Why these can be the usefull tools to fly after you decided to "push on" for the track? So the instrument does tell you how much to push on?

See also this earlier post, press the blue button and adjust McCready is the action to have the optimal "speed to fly".

So, thanks Mike and summer is there so many happy flights.

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