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Originally Posted by Gorduza View Post
So I've been flying inside for a while and got it hovering pretty well. Don't know how much to trim, because it seems that it is hovering well. The moves heli had may be due to wind in the room. What I think is not because of the wind, is turning around its axis (rudder?) but that may be due to low battery, need to try few more times. I have AILE 50% ELEV 50% RUDD 40% THRO 45% (I don't hit my 2,5m ceiling and have stick in the middle position). The motor could use some heatsink.

Thanks for info gordonzo, I will set it accordingly to your set up and I shall see. Have you trimmed your heli in any way?

We have three of these now and all hovered pretty good out of the box. I think I did some very minor mechanical trim to ensure all tx trims are as close to center as possible. They kick up a lot of wind inside and it makes them move around a bit. Outside with a bit of elevation they hover almost like a coaxial.

After all I have both my hands made of "idiot". I broke the little "wing" on the tail boom while lifting my heli from the ground. It cracked a little, because I am stupid. Now I need some glue, but not sure what type of plastic is it? Can you recommend some type of glue that should do it?

We have some friends and family that wear full idiot mitts when flying (those are the mitts with the strings through the sleeves).

Damage so far:

Pilot: Friend of my son

Tweaked main shaft and small dent in tail boom from a hard sideways asphalt hit. He always picks up a new (to him) heli and 'flys before he learns to fly it'. It still flys fine but onboard video is now a bit shaky.

Pilot: Friend of a friend of a friend.

This guy wears 2 pairs of idiot mitts. It is hard to keep enough parts around for him!

Broken top aluminum cap and cracked horizontal fin from flying beyond his very limited skill and landing completely upside down. I wish I would have seen it happen! He fixed the fin with CA and it seems to be holding.

And then next flight - a broken blade and internally stripped aileron servo gear from a full aileron sweep into the side of a barn under full power. He said he was trying to avoid hitting the barn.

I believe breaking is learning, so I broke the red nob siting on the main shaft... the rest is OK, just the little nob fell off. I cut the power (was at 30cm in the air) than it hit the wall and fell on the nob. Do you think that it is possible to fly without it, or does it have any special reason to be there?

The red hat is cosmetic.

Breaking is heart-breaking if you don't have parts.

The F45 is happier at 30 feet than at 30 cm.

I am going to order some spare parts from the link gordonzo posted. What other spare parts would you recomend buying?
main shaft (the plastic head) 2x
landing skids 1x
swashplate 1x
blade holders 2x
links for flybar (pair) 1x
This is my recent parts order. Keep in mind I supply heli crack to my friends and family, and their friends.

001 - aluminum cap
002 - balance bar
003 - short connector for flybar
004 & 005 - blade grip parts
007 - '7' shape buckle
008 - swashplate
### main tube (metal) (no part number listed)
016 - right 9gr servo for aileron
024 - landing gear
025 - balance bar rocker
026 - central axis (upper plastic head)
030 - tail tube assy

This list is probably a bit of overkill. I ordered 2 of each of the above but don't forget, I have to supply Mr. Two Mitts. I have not broken anything myself.
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