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Originally Posted by photronix View Post
Thanx Jim....I was beginning to wonder if people still wanted to work together on RCgroups. I just realized today that I was stepping on some toes because people sell re-flashed ESCs.

Sorry to all those people re-selling re-flashed ESCs I am sure they work much better.
While that's probably true, there are some differences between the reflashed and stock ESCs, and it seems pretty hasty to just dismiss the reflashed ones as no better than stock. If it were that simple, Simon would be kind of a dumbass to be wasting his time writing firmware.

There are differences that go beyond what the test you're doing can resolve, and some of them are quite evident in peoples empirical testing (Definitely not just their imagination).

That's not to say that your measurements are wrong, or useless, just that it's not quite as simple as your original post implies.

Keep up the good work on this stuff, just don't throw away everyone else's testing and experiences as invalid.

With that test with the bouncing motors, I believe the "throttle range" was pretty much just controlled by a servo, I interpreted that bouncing as oscillation due to the lag. Sure, the gain might just need to be tweaked downward to stabilize it as well, but that is undeniably a useful result. That said, I don't really understand what the deal was with the 3rd one.
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