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Originally Posted by karlik View Post
"store credit only" and "we don't credit shipping" is becoming standard practice regardless of who's at fault. I've seen a few people say that one supplier has the policy of "I'll give you a credit but I'll have to cancle your account and you can never purchase from us again".
Xheli has had an F rating with the BBB since probably the second week they were in business. Every forum is full of xheli horror stories, again going back many many years. Guess what, still one of the biggest suppliers out there.
Came here to say that... the OP is basically asking HK to take the hit on something that was out of their control, and they are willing to do it, and it didn't even take very long to work it out. I don't see any reason to complain about this. Have them send you your batteries and be done with it.

Honestly, I can't understand complaining about something not getting checked into a warehouse after only 24 hours. Do you know the size of the pile of returns they have? How do you know it's not a 2-day job? Also, once you enter service land, you are outside the normal flow of business. HobbyKing's primary business is mail-order RC parts, NOT processing returns. Those things get second priority, and complaining that the process is not as fast as the normal process is kinda lame.

IMO, you've been treated as well as could be expected. You misunderstood what you were ordering and where you were ordering from, and even after being told what the situation is, you still don't like it? YOUR problem, not theirs.

Remember, this stuff used to take "6 to 8 weeks for delivery" and that was AFTER the post office sent your order form, which you had to fill out by hand and any mistakes you made were your problem. These days, people complain about things after 24 hours?! Are you NUTS? Have some perspective. These companies are moving mountains for you.
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