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The plot thickens. I have been in contact with shipping agents and I found out the following:

HobbyKing made out a docket for Singapore to freight the parcel to Singapore Tracking Number EQ30xxx3900SG it was then to be sent to Australia where a Company known as AEE (Australian Air Express) were supposed to pick it up and deliver it to me Tracking number 2QQxxx38.

The Singapore freight company says it has the information but as yet have received no parcel from HobbyKing. They even phoned the driver who was rostered on at the supposed time of pick up from Hobbyking and he went through the paperwork and no parcel bearing either my name or tracking number was picked up.

On the off chance a mix-up had occured and a different company carried the parcel I rang AEE in Sydney and after an hour they rng back and told me they had received documents from Singapore regarding my parcel but they hadn't received it. That confirmed the story I was given. BUT AEE inform me the parcel's originator wasn't HobbyKing it was a company called UBI Logistics. How many names does Hobbyking have? 1stHobby, Hextronic and God knows how many more.

Check the parcels you receive from HobbyKing, notice their name is never mentioned, it's always a Chinese guy who sends it. I think Live Help made a mistake when talking to me. They gave me the tracking number which was to be switched at either Singapore or Australia. Doesn't a parcel retain the same tracking number no matter which sub contractor carries the item?. Every time previous to this parcel I could track the parcel right to my front door.

I could be wrong but in my opinion something smells decidedly OFF. Everyone involved excepting HobbyKing are telling me the parcel was never sent, it never left HobbyKing.
After two companies who actually have a far superior help setup freely went out of their way to make International calls, all within an hour of my first enquiry, I know who I'm inclined to believe. I can vouch for AEE, they have sent me hundreds of parcels over the years and never a problem and have an excellent enquiry line. I can't vouch for Singapore Freight as I've never had any dealings with them before. From past experience who would you be pointing the finger at?

Is it 3 weeks we have to wait until putting a claim in with Paypal? I think it's the only way to go. Can someone with experience in this type of problem give me some advice please. I don't want to mess things up any more than they already are. Thanks for reading this.
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