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Originally Posted by wowhobbies View Post
You can purchase parts which we also carry, do it yourself and save money. Greedy is a pretty heavy word to use, is Apple charging 2 times more than PC greed? They are providing value to the end users. Here we have a kit that is a turn key solution for people who don't want the fuzz and just want to fly
Please understand we are using US labor to do this and we also guaranteed it with advanced replacement for US located customers with postage prepaid both ways if anything goes wrong. We have the same guarantee for the MCPX BL conversion kit.

For people who are handy and would like to save money here is what you can do. Purchase the following parts.
solder it on the power lead
buy shrink tube online and use a heat gun to shrink it after it is done
The motor connector is all done for you on this motor and the shaft is tapered down to 1mm to fit your stock pinion, if you buy the Hobby King one, the shaft is 1.5mm which you need to mill it down to 1mm to fit the pinion. In the past, I have milled the pinion down but it is extremely hard without destroying the motor shaft. You can also try to find a pinion with 1.5mm bore from another online store. Also make sure you buy a 3 pin motor connector and some shrink tube, and yes, Wow has it listed for $24.95 but the connector and the shaft are all ready.
Next pull off the pinion of your brush motor using a pinion puller
Push the pinion in, enlarge the bore if it is too tight, it needs to be exact or you will bend the 1mm motor shaft and the motor is toast.
Last of all there is about 30% mis match timing and the motor will cog during startup, but there is a fair chance everything will work.

We have 5 owners here (2 new owners), all work over 100 hours per week, so happend to be Steve Job's hours who passed away from over working his liver. Please do not use the word "greedy" and we'll appreciate it.

You vendors really should stay off these boards. You're greedy and not very honest in many peoples view points.
fretman is online now Find More Posts by fretman
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