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Glueing the aileron and elevator horns.

Be careful, on the bag there is 2 sizes.
The long horn goes on the ailerons, the smaller on the elevators.

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The carbon fiber horns surface is shiny, you must sanding it a little with sandpaper, so the glue grab better.

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The little G10 (fiberglass) plates contained in the kit is glued to the horn with thin cyano.
Caution !! this is my first mistake !

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Description: first mistake !!

I've only late discovered, that on the kit there is only 4 plates, two for the rudder horn, and two for the ELEVATOR horns !!
It was too late when i discovered, but it is not a problem, i've used a 0.30mm fiberglass sheet and cutted two more myself (see later).

Ok, the horn with the glued plate is now glued with 5-min epoxy to the ailerons.
Check that the glue cover the sides of the hole, and the horn, then push it inside.
Remove the excess resin with rag and alcohol before it catalyze.

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