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Originally Posted by bad_at_airplanes View Post
Just got this plane yesterday, had a rather, hectic maiden today.
The problem is that the throttle cuts out after a few seconds whenever it is flying. At first I thought it was the battery, and changed battery's, but it still persisted. Upon further inspection, the throttle will cut out after about 10 seconds, and the red light will flash repeatedly for about 5 seconds, and then go back to normal. The controls still work during this.
I have no idea what is going on, everything else works fine. Any ideas's?
Yes these are fully charged batteries fresh off the charger, it has this problem right away.
Hey bad, I had the same problem with mine right out of the box. (See post page 51.)
I just received my two Thunder Power 1s 25c 160mAh in the mail and tried them in my Corsair and Champ. (Champ was having the same issuse) Both planes ran and operated beautifully at WOT. So, the first calm day we get, I'll be taking them out to play. I miss my Champ. (Sorry if this pic is off thread.)
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