Thread: New Product Techone POPWING and MINIPOPWING
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Hello wing noob here
thinking bout buying a popwing from csrc (they got a deal going)

need a little advise though.....I have plenty of flying and building experience so I'm not a total dumb a## just never with a wing. I'm a bit torn between the popwing, or the swift 2 and also does the popwing come with good stuff in the rtf? or is it better to buy the arf and add better stuff myself as is the case with most planes. 75 bucks for the thing seems cheep enough if i comes with the motor and spektrum comp. rx but IDK if it includes servos and esc????

thanks OTTO

edit note: I'm sure there are a lot of little tips and tricks to build, set-up, ect. sorry I haven't read this thread but will so bare with me if my questions seem redundent! Just needed some info Stat like
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