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Crash.... and fixing!

The thing I have been fearing the most happened a couple of days ago with my Spitfire. I crashed her.

I was having a normal flight in absolutely no wind. I was coming to the end of the flight, but still wanted to impress those watching (always a bad mistake). I put her into a big climb and decided to turn in into a loop, as I was coming out of the loop I could see that I would be running out of sky. Luckily the wings were level and she hit the ground at a 30 degree angle (nose in) I would guess. I had throttled right back anticipating the hit, she bounced up into the air, about 10 feet, I moved the throttle to half way, banked her left and landed her at my feet (the closest I have even landed her to myself).

I really feared the worse. I could see no visible problems on the fuselage, but i could hear something was loose inside. I opened her up and the battery had smashed through the flimsy plastic casing that holds it. Nothing else that i could see wrong on the inside.

When i got home I found more damage, the fuselage had split on the bottom and the top along the seam, I didn't notice this as first, but I glued it and that was sorted out.

I have attached photos of my new cradle for the battery to sit in. I used ice-cream sticks, some plastic, glue and a white styrofoam board. It worked out really well and I actually enjoyed doing it (I'm not really a patient person when it comes to doing things like this.) I actually enjoyed it so much that I want to build my own plan (thinking of a NutBall).

I flew her the next day and she flew fine, she has some character now!
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