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Originally Posted by Crash9 View Post
This is Sad news! as I also was setting up a Ground station with a netbook for the gauges and just came on here to see if others where. I have spent lots of good money on ET gear having it in 4 planes and 2 helis. Shame they release these options without first finishing the code,etc...
I to would like to see this stuff work the way it's been designed otherwise why add a display for gauges that don't work....If I did only part of my job I wouldn't have one for .02
I would like to see this stuff work too, but to tbe fair, the temp 1,2 and 3 inputs work fine on the PC display. It is when they are used for their "secondary" functionality (RSSI, V2 and V3) that they do not display correctly on the PC screen. At least, there is this secondary functionality available! Regarding the AHI display, it is another example of the ET philosophy of thinking ahead, and installing stuff that will allow enhanced functionality with future firmware releases. The (currently unused) expansion port on the EagleEyes is another example of this philosophy.

I too have invested some money on ET systems (maybe not as much as you, but they may feel more to me ) and I trust that BillPa is working to fulfill the long list of our demands, sooner or later!

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