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Originally Posted by GaryO View Post
I would think that the LSF membership needs to look at what is happening to their member base. It's shrinking. Badly.
That probably isn't the case. Once a person becomes a member they are a member for life. So unless the death rate exceeds the growth rate I doubt that is the case. We should be doing better with new membership growth. As a member, I am the LSF, and I am trying to at least do my part (haven't succeeded yet).

What you might be doing is equating string launch=LSF. Maybe that is shrinking, I'm not sure. I'm going to try do significantly more string launch contests this year than I have in the past few years so I guess I'm going to find out!

Originally Posted by GaryO View Post
In the NW region, where I fly in the summers, hlg contests, I believe, already exceed TD contests.
I think we as a community (I'm including me, I'm trying to do my part) should do a bit more to get DLG enthusiasts interested in the LSF. To start I started a thread that didn't do too well on the hand launch forum.

Originally Posted by GaryO View Post
If the LSF doesn't welcome ALES, it risks becoming marginalized in the sailplane community.
I see 2 main avenues. Both or one or none could be persued:

* Vote to include altimeter switch flying in the current SAP

--- Feelers are being put out for this now. My gut feel is that the current membership base doesn't support changing the SAP. I could be wrong about that.

* Create a new program(s) to try to appeal to new segments of the modelling community.
--- In this area at least we have some data to go on. Some guys started the SSP a few years ago. I know I started but haven't completed Copper. Even some early participation numbers in this program might give valuable insight into how well other new programs might (or might not) be embraced.

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