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Originally Posted by gromitvt10 View Post
Having an issue with my OSD, i have it set for Elevon for my Zephyr II, seems to work OK (surfaces move in the correct directions) but when i go to simulator and select Funjet like the manual says (for elevon) the inputs i put in don't work. In other words the simulator model just flys straight. The model surfaces move but the simulator doesn't respond. But...when i put it on Easystar everything works fine. Why is that? The RTH works in easystar but not in Funjet.

Issue 2: My Eagle Eyes ground station keeps beeping at me and the telemetry light is out but i'm clearing receiving telemetry because i see it on the screen. I've updated everything to the latest software, any ideas whats wrong?

Oh and i have the Guardian stabilizer hook up as well. Which is working properly. I don't want to fly until i know everything is working properly. Thanks

Hi Kyle,

Re issue 1, make sure you don't have any Elevon mixing set in your RC transmitter and test again.

Re issue 2, just because you can see the OSD text on screen does not mean the Telemetry data is getting through successfully.

Sometimes minor incompatabilities between Video Tx and Rx can make it difficult for the telemetry to get through.

The OSD pro deciphers gathered data and the text is written onto the video before it is transmitted.

The Telemetry is transmitted as data within the video signal and is deciphered at the other end, so there is possibility for the Telemetry data to be misinterpreted on the ground causing such problems.

Do you have the ability to try a different video Tx or Rx?

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