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Originally Posted by Stunt Man 169 View Post
I did not know that. I thought that the inlcuded batteries were decent. So if I purchase any of the batteries you just listed, do you think that I will get better performance? Also how much longer does a 250mah battery last?
Yup - the factory batteries are crap. They sag under load, and they fade away after just 30-50 cycles. Plus, they cost more than the high-performance cells! Provided that there is nothing wrong with the motor or brick, you will definitely get better performance than the stock cell with the Hyperion 160. You'll get even more performance if you go with the larger Hyp 180 or 240 mAh cells. However, the stock prop is very inefficient. A GWS 5043 prop w/adapter will turn it into a completely different plane - especially with good batteries.

Flight-time with the Hyp 240 mAh cell will be ~50% longer than the Hyp 160 mAh cell. BTW - many of the F4Us are tail-heavy. If yours is tail-heavy, a Hyp 240 'M' cell mounted at the front of the battery tray will solve the problem without adding undesirable dead-weight.

Here's one of my performance demos with the GWS 5043 prop & a Hyperion 240 mAh cell:

Flying Park Zone's UM Corsair in my yard (6 min 33 sec)

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