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Hobby King - Probably not the King...

This may be the wrong forum, but I fly helis so this is the forum I watch.

A while ago I purchased 2 orders from Hobby King. I had to separate the order because the items I wanted were in two different warehouses(first warning to stop the order). I ordered some batteries from a US warehouse and blades for my 500 size heli. within a week I watched tracking for the batteries... they arrived at my local PO and then got shipped back for wrong address. I jumped to my email and check the receipt... oddly enough the address was correct. I contacted the PO and they said it had to go back tot he shipper. I contacted Hobby King and they said it had to get back to them before they could say anything...

1 week later...

Hobby king rep says that they can't do anything until it us processed into the warehouse(it has been at the warehouse for a day according to USPS tracking)

After about 2 more weeks I get a contact saying that they have received my package returned.

I told them to refund me.

They replied saying I have in store credit (minus shipping)

I said refund my PayPal the full amount.

They replied the will refund me minus shipping cost.

I filed a PayPal dispute...

I understand an employee or the post office messing up... I can get over mistakes everyone makes them...

However the other order I placed for the blades has never arrived. It's been well over a month... nearing 2 months and they haven't arrived.
I order stuff from Hong Kong all the time HeliPal has delivered ever order withing 6-7 days.... they sent an order to Afghanistan within 3 weeks when I was deployed.

So I don't know what is up with Hobby King, but since there are about 20 other websites perhaps consider them.

I read the forums. I know people buy stuff from them. Awesome, lucky, what ever? I have never seen this from any online business(and I have purchased a lot of stuff from Hong Kong... I played with Walkera stuff).

When I ran my website, customers came first... more than 50% of my gross income went to making sure that customers got what they wanted... and I made quite a bit of money and never had a single person(literal) post a negative comment.

That is why this "business?" has got me so dumbfounded.

This is an email from them in response to me saying PayPal allows partial refunds.... I finally agreed to take the cost of my items with out the shipping cost, however I will not cancel my PayPal dispute until they do the partial refund.

"Please kindly note that if you don't close the dispute, we can't refund the rest money to your account, you will get nothing at last, we really want to help you solve this problem, you may think about it and let us know your decision."
Thanks for emailing support.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.
HobbyKing Support Team
Dont forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for discounts and promotions!"

This is from PayPal when I went to end the dispute and allow them to give me a partial refund:

"Remember, a closed dispute cannot be re-opened or escalated to a claim
with PayPal. Make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of
this dispute before you close it.

For example, if the seller is offering a refund, wait until the funds are in your PayPal account before closing this dispute. "

Obviously, I can't end the dispute until they give at least the partial refund.
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