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Guardian 2D/3D in a 3D plane

I installed the Guardian 2D/3D in my Lil-Banchee 3D and even though it was extremely cloudy,threathing rain and gusty winds I went to the field this morning and logged 6 flights.

Hands off hovers at all four 90 degree orintations in a gusty wind. perfect hands off knife edges normal or high alpha , four point rolls with very minor rudder and elevator corrections takes offs and landing with throttle and elevator input only wing rock free harries.

All of that by someone who has a difficult time hovering for more than 10 seconds in good conditions and thes were 60 seconds(timed) hand free and only aborted as it was drifinting to far away in the wind.

I have never done a wing rock free harrier before and my 4 point rolls without the Guardian perhaps would score a 3 and these were 7s easily.

Added : 3-27-12
Took so measurements. Wing Span 31" ,wing area aprox.325 (not including stab) ,all up weight with 3S 1000 mAh Lipoly 18 oz. with new motor I just installed.
Static went from 132watts to 217 and thrust from 26 oz. to 38 oz.. Now I just need to flight test this extra power which it really needed. Flew OK but crawled out of a hover and I like them to puch out.

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