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Fun with paintball guns & RC planes

A club I used to be in once had a fun-fly where one of the competitions was paintball target-practice - with a twist. We set up semi-auto paintball guns for the spectators to shoot. The target was a Coroplast 40-size trainer, which was essentially indestructible. We had experimented with a balsa & film trainer, but found that even one paintball could cause some serious damage - so we went with the Coroplast trainer. Each pilot made one pass. We entered the 'hit-box' in level flight, and were then free to use evasive maneuvers. But the plane had to remain in the box, and reversing flight-direction was prohibited. The shooters were allowed to shoot only when the plane was in the box. The hit counters compared notes, tallied-up the hits, and the pilot with the fewest hits was declared the winner. The plane was the prize! We advertised the event well in advance. As you might imagine, we had a great turnout! By the end of the day, the plane had taken so many hits, it looked like a tie-dyed T-shirt! Or the Day-Glo Nash Rambler a buddy of mine drove back in high-school! Was an absolute blast for everyone, and the fun-fly exposed more people to RC that day than any event we ever hosted!

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