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What About Large Semi-Scale Gas Powered Model Boats?

There has been allot of buzz on my companies forum "Club Enforcer" in the past couple of weeks about large gas scale and semi-scale RC models. IT all started with one of our good customers who sold me the molds for an original 1968 Moppie a couple years back.
I didn't do anything with it (because Asia won't give us a break) , but over the past couple weeks I started to go through my companies storage building looking at several large molds for fiberglass hulls we had made or working on in the 80's and 90's. My intentions were fiberglass hulls with CNC cut wooden super structure, or even selling just bare hulls. We were going to call this new division, "Half Glass Hulls", still sounds funny
Anyway I still have a large CNC router, and the molds and or patterns are long paid for, and just maybe my true intentions of 30 years ago may take form? Before I made Enforcer Boats, the first gas boats we made starting in the late 70's were semi-scale, powered by converted ECHO string trimmer engines. I actually thought that is where the industry would head, there were several of us in Fort Lauderdale building them at the time. It goes to show, never make plans.
If you guys have interest please go to our website and join our Club Enforcer too and talk with some of the guys. If I see the potential develop I can provide a small fleet pretty quick. One I have 90% completed is a 65" - L X 16" Beam PT Boat. We also have a 55" Coast Guard Cutter mold set ready to rock and roll. Let's hear how you scale guys feel, I'm all ears.
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