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Originally Posted by RGS2010 View Post
Thanks again LUV.

I turned down the gain on the ESC last night and it worked great...the bucking has stopped. I was able to hover pretty well and get it around the room and back on the table in one piece..success!

I noticed on the ESC that there is another pot for "proportional"...what does that do?

Also I had to put my "rudder" control trim tab all the way to one side to get it to not continually turn during flight and let it hover...well, not exactly true, I still had to hold a little pressure to keep it straight. Is there some adjustment I could make to get it closer to center?

Thanks for all of the help...much appreciated!

What's the biggest battery that can practically be used with the CX2? I'm tempted to put two 800's together on this thing for some decent practice time.
Yes, you need to adjust your "proportional" pot. Check out page 20 here (pdf):

It pictures the 3in1 but, it's the same principal as the 4in1. It's a good idea to make a small mark on the present setting in case you need to go back. Adjust in very small increments (usually the thickness of the flat head screwdriver you are using, 1/64"/1/32") and don't forget to power down between each adjustment. And of course you want to re-center the "yaw trim" before starting.

Chap1012 is online now Find More Posts by Chap1012
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