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Walk of Shame Season :)
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Billd Nice frogman suit glad to hear you love your job thats awesome and rarely heard of these days I'm certainly not one of the job lovers lol

Wayne maybe you should pay that family a visit as their 3rd cousins Tom's removed twice uncle Wayne and set things straight lol

Kerwin Congrats on the maiden good job sir and you should just stick with the one shoe and sock thing once your healed and then if one foot gets cold you could just switch the sock and shoe oh,, well,,, maybe the left shoe might be uncomfortable on the right foot.....Hey!! Join Waynes neighbors then you won't have any laundry to do ever again

David what Plane are you trying to lift? I was going to suggest one of the .049's as the fuel tank mounts right to the engine thats what I was going to put on my Carl Goldberg Gentle lady but went with the electric as I haven't tested my Old .049 yet but it has plenty of power to get it up there and runs about 10 - 15 minutes depending on the fuel tank size.
I also added the rear braces as I wanted the extra stability on the engine mount.
Waldopepperaxe is online now Find More Posts by Waldopepperaxe
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