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Originally Posted by PittSpecial View Post
Good day everyone!

I had a rather wired experienced today as I "had" a World Models P-40 Warhawk for sale within the FUEL AIRPLANE section

and someone by the name of Bill contacted me asking for my number. Well, instead of Bill calling me, I get a "Brian" calling me saying that Bill was his father who gave him my number.

We talked for about 4 minutes and he told me some long story that he was in town for two days and that he could meet me at so and so place etc...etc...etc......then, I asked well, the ad says $165 are you okay with this? He then, began to tell me another long story that he needed to check with his wife and that his wife was already upset that the trip was costing a lot of money and that he needed to check with her. We ended the telephone conversation WITHOUT making a DEAL!

Someone else contacts me and offers me what I was asking and plus gave me additional monies to cover Gasoline to meet this person at a certain location locally in Central Florida with the model.

I was quick to say to send a TEXT message to the first person who I talked on the telephone that the Model WAS SOLD.

This seemed to upset the first person? He felt that there "is" some kind of professional Courtesy to allow the first person to be able to rekindle some sort of deal? WHAT, I SAID?

Never heard of this?

If you don't make a deal on the first telephone conversation, I say ALL BETS are OFF and with the understanding that the model can and will be SOLD at anytime.

What you all say?
maybe he should have had his wife call and make the deal
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