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Maiden & Final Thoughts

Here is the maiden flight of mine.
FMS 1400mm FW-190 maiden 1 (5 min 32 sec)

FMS FW-190 maiden video 2 (4 min 58 sec)

FW-190 Flights 6 an 7 HD (13 min 59 sec)

I am going to split this section into Final Thoughts and an area for Things to Note.
My final thoughts are simple, I love it. Its still pretty new to me so I have to let a little more of the new wear off before being completely biased in my assessment.

Things To Note.

1) Check the tow on the landing gear. Be sure to tighten the grub screw just above the wheel and maybe use some loctite to ensure it doesn't back out over time. Refer to my video on the Tear Down and Rebuild of the landing gear.
2) So far any 6 channel DSM2 RX from Spektrum has been unable to actuate the retractable landing gear. If you plan to or have purchased this plane, please use a 7 channel DSM2 or a DSMX RX for this plane. FMS is aware of the issue and hope to hear of a resolution on thier end soon.
3) Check the collar on the back of the motor. Dambit had his come off in flight which really messed up his plane. Caught it on fire. So please check that collar and loctite the grub screw on that.
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